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Le Style Pin Up 🍒

The Pin-Up Style 🍒

What is the Pin Up style? But first, what is a Pin Up?
Originally, the word comes from the posters that were hung on the walls.
These posters often depicted women in work clothes but also in underwear.
The Pin Up was widespread in the 1940s and 1950s thanks in particular to a painter and his daughters Varga (in reference to the name of the painter) but also and above all thanks to models or actresses.
The most famous model of the time was called Betty Page. Her brown hair with curls and bangs and especially her way of asserting herself and highlighting her curves make her the perfect embodiment of this style, to the point that today it is not uncommon to find Pin Up dresses in his homage.
Wasp waist highlighted by a belt or even a corset, more developed hips with the addition of petticoats, neckline and impeccable knee length.
The Pin Up dress is made for all occasions. Those who fully assume their silhouette may prefer the pencil dress. Again, we do not forget to mark the size and wear a neckline. It can be split to facilitate walking.
For underwear, it was not uncommon to adopt a girdle and adequate stockings. When it comes to make-up, red lipstick is essential, as are long curved black lashes and a line of liner in the same tone, that goes without saying.
For those who hesitate to adopt this style for the day or for life, the multitude of choices of cardigans, high-waisted pants, pumps and accessories will give you other examples of outfits.
Another source of inspiration and not the least, the current ambassador of this look, Dita Von Teese, will surely seduce you with her class, her glamor and her allure.
It's up to you!

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