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Les Années 60

The 1960's

The muses of the time were called Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy and Jackie O'.
The gingham print is becoming popular like pop colours. The dresses of the 60s bare the shoulders, became shorter, wanted to be trapeze or baby doll. We owe the invention of the mini skirt to Mary Quant in 1963, which were sometimes accompanied by high white boots Women are embracing the tuxedo and high-waisted pants, so we wonder if it's even appropriate to wear them to work.
For an impeccable and chic look, we'll dig into Jackie's suits or her accessories, such as oversized sunglasses. We also love cat eye glasses whose shape is more reminiscent of the ears of said animal.
A new femininity seems to want to assert itself, just like rock with the Beatles, The Who or the Doors. It is also the emergence of Motown created in 1959 in the United States which will have the immense task through its music of seducing all audiences while supporters of segregation take a dim view of the emergence of the movement of civil rights.
As often, the fights for more rights and freedoms find themselves in the streets and take over culture, whether in music or cinema, but also in fashion.

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